Our Clients
Our portfolio of clients is so large that we cannot afford to give a detailed description of each assignment undertaken. We however, list below a handful of some of the organisations for which we have rendered various services:

- African Development Bank, Sierra Leone Country Office (AfDB)
- West African Monetary Agency (WAMA)
- Crown Agents (UK)
- International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC)
- Sierra Leone Red Cross Society
- Global Fund, Sierra Leone
- NERICA Multinational Rice Dissemination Project
- National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM)
- Actionaid Sierra Leone
- Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project (World Bank)
- Global Development Four (Danish/South African company)
- National Petroleum Company (SL) Ltd
- Sierra Leone Postal Services
- G4S Security Services
- Liberia Petroleum Refining Company
- Kingdom Holdings, Ghana
- FreeBalance Inc. – Canada
- Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRTA)
- Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA)
- Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA)
- Sierra Leone Airports Authority
- Face Technologies (South Africa)
- National Electoral Commission (NEC)
- National Revenue Authority
- Sierra Leone Telecommunications Co. Ltd
- Ministry of Finance & Economic Development, Sierra Leone
- Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, Liberia

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